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Good work mate, Thanks for using my music. I like the story, you should expand on it. Take care.


JXYEAH responds:

thanks man


Hey just read your poems mate and I wanted to thank you for using my music.

Take care, you've got talent mate.


SprintT responds:

I am so glad that you would like the work that I did. Although I can't say that it was destiny for me to find your song, I am ever so glad I did. My friend you have talent as well.

Music in Animotion

Merry Christmas to you my good sir.

I loved the your animation and might I add your artwork isn't bad at all. This caught the mood of my piece brilliantly and I thank you for using it.

Happy holidays and thank you.


RayRay28576 responds:

I should be the one thanking you for letting me use your music. Without the music, my flash would have not been the same. Oh, by the way, did you notice your song, The Purest of Winters was featured on the front page today. Congratulations.

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Not a new concept, Well done but has bugs.

Hey, it has potential to be a fun game. Wanna know how I beat it? I just put my mouse in the upper right corner and had a coffee. Might wanna look into fixing that bug right there. Other than that... if you expand on the idea and try to bring something knew to these types of games, you'll have something well worth playing.


Hey Mate

Great game... amazingly challenging and congrats on the front page.

Can I a small favour... since your using my music... do you think you could credit me on the submission?

I know you creditted me in the flash, but not in the submission details to the left (it provides a link).

Its alright if there is nothing you can do... Thanks for using my music anyhow mate in such a great game.


Hey There

Just wanted to take some time outta my schedule to thank you for using my music. Thats some pretty good work right there :). I made a warrior myself :P

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A Progression of the Soul

Well lets start with this Mr.Bosa... That was movie soundtrack material. That is precisely the kind of music you hope to here in soundtracks which seek to draw you in. Your story proved this, the music alone is not good enough, in order for it to truly work it's magic you have to imagine along with it.

Mastering is fairly clean and the overall track, a resounding success to your portfolio. The guitars being picked especially near the end make it scream of composition skill.

I can't praise you enough. My only disspointment with this song, was I had been expecting vocals, and it would have fit well. But why mess with a good thing?

Take Care Bosa,


Bosa responds:

"...the music alone is not good enough, in order for it to truly work it's magic you have to imagine along with it."

Very well said, and I agree with you 100%. Having the ability to add author comments to your music is a wonderful thing on this website, as it only helps to ignite the true imagination of the music you produce.

Time and patience always seem to pay off, and this song is no exception. There is always room for me to improve however, and I am constantly seeking advice and help from other talented composers and musicians such as yourself. I hope to hear more from you, as I truly enjoy your music and your helpful insight.

Thanks a bunch!


Not perfect, but soothing!

Hey what if I'm a bot that rates 5?

Just kidding... I won't offer any constructive critisism, I'll simply say I do find this song appealing in a "If I were playing a video game" way.

Keep up the good work. And try to cut the ending a bit so you don't have that long silence.

5/5 (Counter Zero Bombers)

Boom unce unce...

This song makes me smile uncontrollably... I have no idea why??

The other reviewers are right, it doesn't sound much like the Burned Tower theme.... however!... I refuse to judge it on that, since it stands on it's on merit.

Really catchy and makes me smile. What more could I ask for?


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I won't pretend to be a particularly accurate critique of art Miss Shaffer, But I know what I like. And I adore steampunk! Beautifully Done. Thanks for sharing.


The touch of my fingers to the ivory. Now that's worth fighting for.

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