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A Progression of the Soul

Well lets start with this Mr.Bosa... That was movie soundtrack material. That is precisely the kind of music you hope to here in soundtracks which seek to draw you in. Your story proved this, the music alone is not good enough, in order for it to truly work it's magic you have to imagine along with it.

Mastering is fairly clean and the overall track, a resounding success to your portfolio. The guitars being picked especially near the end make it scream of composition skill.

I can't praise you enough. My only disspointment with this song, was I had been expecting vocals, and it would have fit well. But why mess with a good thing?

Take Care Bosa,


Bosa responds:

"...the music alone is not good enough, in order for it to truly work it's magic you have to imagine along with it."

Very well said, and I agree with you 100%. Having the ability to add author comments to your music is a wonderful thing on this website, as it only helps to ignite the true imagination of the music you produce.

Time and patience always seem to pay off, and this song is no exception. There is always room for me to improve however, and I am constantly seeking advice and help from other talented composers and musicians such as yourself. I hope to hear more from you, as I truly enjoy your music and your helpful insight.

Thanks a bunch!


Not perfect, but soothing!

Hey what if I'm a bot that rates 5?

Just kidding... I won't offer any constructive critisism, I'll simply say I do find this song appealing in a "If I were playing a video game" way.

Keep up the good work. And try to cut the ending a bit so you don't have that long silence.

5/5 (Counter Zero Bombers)

Boom unce unce...

This song makes me smile uncontrollably... I have no idea why??

The other reviewers are right, it doesn't sound much like the Burned Tower theme.... however!... I refuse to judge it on that, since it stands on it's on merit.

Really catchy and makes me smile. What more could I ask for?


Solid easy listening

Really enjoyed this tune. The effects all fit well. The yelling (children?) was a nice touch. I can imagine using this on any number of projects, most fittingly a flash game. Hope it gets noticed.

5/5 (Counter those zero bombers)

RawGreen responds:




Hello there,

Unfortunately it seems voice acting doesn't get many reviews these days. Anywho, the story is good, and your voice tells it well. I wonder, does this have any real world influence? You should carry on the story, perhaps from the Mutes POV. Thanks for using my music mate.


HardyMonster responds:

Thanks dude!

Your music helped for the prologue so much!

The story is natural and surreal, so some parts of the book will sound strange...

Chapter one coming out in the next few weeks!


You're right, it does make you Laugh.

I know the sources of many of these samples... great videos. Well put together... I was just browsing the new stuff and you stood out.

If indeed you put this together all yourself. That's great stuff. Enjoy your five sir.


FoxDye responds:

Thanks bunches. The piano loop, drum loop and even the vocals (which I recorded from all kinds of videos off of youtube, chopped up and inserted) were all indeed written by me. Musically it's not that wonderful, but I think it serves its purpose.

Thanks again.


Hey bud,

Long time no talk. I've been busy all summer working at a camp. So I haven't been able to do... well... anything... sucks ass! But I thought I'd drop you a review and a 5 to let you know i"m still alive. Hope all is going well and I hope I can get the tour back under way.


My Favourite Heavy Metal Headliner

Hey Bad Man... I never know what to think of your music.

I'm a classical man... filled to the brim with poetry and soft strings... I never had room to understand heavy metal. But I know talent when I hear it. Your singing is much improving with every song. And damn that guitar is so sexy I just love it to pieces. Thats why I always want it in my music. Speaking of which... I have a solo spot for you on my next song... and only you will do.

Damn I'm listening to those guitar licks and shit now and... damn.... just damn.

Your the Newgrounds heavy metal god for sure bud.

Take care and hit me back sometime.


Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks, my friend. Heavy metal is no different. But before I get into it... A guy named "Angelsdontkill" did the guitaring here. He will be pleased as hell to see that you adore him too. And I think more that its...metal..slowly getting a hold of you. Metal isn't all that far from classical, you know. haha.

So, as far as poetry goes..I really wrote this song based on...well. Our society doesn't have much dignity left in it, as a whole. And then flipped it to really represent an anger based song. Blaming the Gods for their sins...causing this whole ridiculous scenario. As in, if we were created in Gods image, why in the hell are we so fucked up. haha. Or something like that.

I am totally ready to do that solo for you, and again thank you for the opportunity. I hope I won't let you down. If you don't catch me on messenger...you can email me the song, or the part you want solo'd over...and I'll email back. But hopefully I'll catch you online.
Thank you for the review. Means a lot to me, dude.\m/

Here are the lyrics if anyone is interested

The Sins Of Gods

I look up
Every Night
Pray my soul
Has done it right

I've seen
So many things
I can feel
what evil brings

The darker nights
The faster days
a life lived through
Eternal haze

Brought down
To my knees
Can't appease
The Sins Of Gods

We are broken
Eternal Suffering
No deliverance
No Free offerings
Take the road where
fire burns red
Then you live it
And are not dead

I say
To the sins
That in the end
No one wins

Now light turns
Into Dark
Becoming home of
The sins of Gods

Stand in place to accept your fate
No mercy givin on this day
The crashing of the thunder stops
Now appease the sins of Gods

You are my,
I am your,
we are all
Everyones Everything has come and gone
So deliver us
Deliver you
The day breeds a lot of spawned intentions of Darkness.

You're Sorry
You're Hungry
For my tears and
Beg for forgiveness
But found none
cause I am gone
Its your fault

You're sorry
You're hungry
For my tears and
Beg for forgiveness
But found none
Its your fault,
The sins of Gods.

A hidden brilliance

Hello sir,

You asked for a review, you got a review.

First of all, the whole thing is almost perfectly composed and probubly looks just as good on sheet music as it sounds. You can really do wonders with those fingers sir. However...

It is very clear that you have indeed taken Lessons my friend... and although not a bad thing, it's almost a hinderance in style. Let me explain...

Every note seems perfectly timed... right where it should be... it lacks that human touch. But most of all... it lacks sustain. Do you have a sustain pedal? It would probubly single handedly eliminate the choppy outline of this masterpiece all on it's own. If used right...

It's a marvolous piece of piano and you deserve great credit for it. But it's time to break away from all you've learned and feel the music and let it weave fluently rather than presicely.

I await you next pieces... and since Zero voters suck you get 5/5.

Good luck and good work.


Dudidum responds:

Yea I should really start to use that damn sustain pedal... I'm not really used to use it ;).
I've once thrown everything overboard since I stopped taking lessons but It's true that I'm playing with a lot of precision. I just love to play exactly on and between the notes ;).
To get a really fluent piece I need to work a lot on my way of playing and/or I need more instruments :).

Thanks for the review and I'm also waiting for your new masterpieces ;).

Emotionally A Masterpiece. Is it yours...?

Let me tell you something. I cannot inspire greatness... there is no one on earth who can do that. Something within you... much stronger helped you create this... beautiful... amazing piece of piano work.

Believe it or not... Your piano skills have far out-weighed mine... The strings at the end...jesus christ almighty.

This has a very very professional air to it...

Which is why I must ask what software or equipment you used to create this. Don't take it the wrong way... but it's very difficult to stomach that such great composers grace newgrounds... and deliver so powerfully on their first submission. I would like very much to believe that this is you... and not copywrited work.

My apologies for being forward... if this is indeed you... you have a fan in me.


The touch of my fingers to the ivory. Now that's worth fighting for.

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