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Music Video!?

2012-09-13 21:30:31 by MilkMan-Dan

Hey Guys,

Went on vacation and made my first music video... pretty amateur but fun to make. To my new song "Without Lights and Things". Yah I'm still making music, just not on Newgrounds anymore. The song can be bought on itunes, but if you want it for free just leave your email and I'll send it to you. Chow.


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2013-01-29 19:51:11

I'll be the first to comment Dan. Good to see you still posting things from time to time. You are a great artist my friend! Never quit! Love your music.


2013-08-06 05:52:59

omg, I love you. *-*
my emails;
Send me free music ^-^
Thank you ;3


2013-12-01 16:42:32

Wow, this is amazing. :) Wish I had heard it sooner.


2014-09-07 01:09:40

I am having troubles finding where you are making music now...You should leave us a link so we can move and follow you over to wherever. I looked on itunes and this is the only song you have up :( i was hoping to find a whole album or something to buy from you

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Hi Peppy!

Well... you know, the truth is... I'm not really submitting anywhere. That is to say, I haven't made a whole lot of music these days. Mostly this is because I've been in full time school practicums and work mode for Paramedicine, and frankly, I didn't think many people cared much these days. I've got two songs that aren't really posted anywhere right now that I can send you via email if you PM me. Take care!



2015-01-27 01:58:52

You made me appreciate music on a whole new level when I was a kid man, and still do whenever I relisten to your stuff. You will always have my admiration. Thank you for being awesome, and I wish you the best of luck with all of your pursuits.

MilkMan-Dan responds:

It's beyond touching to hear from people these days... Some of this was so long ago. I don't really have a platform anymore... let alone much new music to share. But it brings up a lot of emotion to think of all the people who once listened and felt something. Thanks for the comment.