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Posted by MilkMan-Dan - February 27th, 2012

Dear anyone who stumbles across this relic of a page.

I'm not really uploading here anymore... the exposure is almost zero and what good is making music no one listens to?

It took a long long time (years if I'm correct) to finally make a song I figured was worth 99 cents.

With that said... you can now find me on iTunes. Probably the best music I've ever made can now be found on there, under "Daniel Stang". As of now, there is only one single on there, but more is to come. Naturally I'd never deprive anyone of music if they can't afford it, so if you'd like it for free, just shoot me a message and I'll let you have whatever you want.

Take care guys. And thanks for the years of support.


Dan. Email me some tracks so I can play them on my radio show. I'll help expose you, haha.

Check out my newest news post man, for deets on the show. We are experiencing 30000 hits per episode, world wide after uploading for podcast as well.

Or simply google, Film Reviews From The Basement.

Would love to help and play your stuff!!!!

There is still exposure here. The bad man exposes everyone he can....lol

Awesome man!... Can I have your email? I would absolutely love the exposure. Glad you haven't forgotten about me old me friend. Hit me on up facebook, "Daniel Stang".

I found you a while ago and loved your stuff and your talent. I'll be one of the first to buy your song.

Hey Dan,
I'd be willing to play your music on my radio show at college.
The one stipulation the college has is that anything we play needs to be on the original CD.
If you ever put something out in that form officially, I would love to get my hands on it.

Noooo, another Newgrounder leaving!!!! NOOOOOOOO!

You will be sorely missed. Your music is the gold coin in all the bronze.

Been listening to your music since the beginning. Hard to believe its been so many years. Take care in whatever adventures you pursue in life man. Know that there are people who have been truly touched by your sound and appreciate sticking with it as long as you did. I hope to run into more of your work in the future!

Good luck Dan, you're a wonderful musician and I'm certain you'll find happiness.