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Hey, if I write down I stole everything you made, and are yet to make, would that make you the most powerful thief that can pass time itself?

Also I need you to prove all your songs were made by you by you sending me your source files... yes... that will be just fine.

lol you wish mate ;)

Oh my God!

This just made my day.
And it's just beginning, seeing as how it's 05:46 here in Toronto.

Let me just say, I really, really, don't suggest giving her any more information. Or anything that she could use against you in a copyright case. XD.

Also, writing a song entitled 'You're a Gullible Idiot' in G-Minor sounds awesome!
It'd be great to finally get some of your newer material.

= )

Newer material on the way mate. And trust me, there isn't a god damn hope in hell that she or anyone could possibly try and claim they wrote my music in court. I have absolutely every bit of proof needed, because I freaking wrote it. I would love to take some clown to court and make him look like a complete fool. But I know it would never happen, because you'd have to be quite handicapped to think you could win.

Wow... I just looked at her profile, and she has 3 songs in her favorits- just three- and the first two are "Sand Castles" and 'When I Wake." She seems to like your work... although I doubt she would fav "You're a Gullible Idiot"

Would you fav it?... I would.

lmao this is fuckin hilarious, btw dan i hope to hear more music with lyrics i alredy have burned a cd and have it in my truck but its hardly even enough must have more Milman Dan
for Bumpkin Bitch,
you have no fucking idea what you are talking about, i have listened to ALL of Dan's songs about 100 times each and his voice is the same person in every track oh and even the instrumentals are the same style..... Milkman Dan style
so, next time you decide to try to get rich off of scamming... pick someone stupider than you (which is impossible)

Awesome reply, haha xD

Wow, what an idiot. You pwned her. Love your music MMD.

Oh please do write "You're a Gullible Idiot" in G-Minor, if it is just half as good as the rest of your music, it would still be awesome - not to say hilarious :D

hahahahahaahah XD

bring flowers? good stuff mate x]

Man I don't check your page for a week and I miss out on all the awesomeness. Damn!

Classic stuff.

*Rolls eyes, has another beer.*

Seriously, some people just like to cause a ruckus. I think maybe someone is just trolling you. I never get messages like those. But then again, my e-mail filter is set to a ridiculously restrictive filter. :P

I can't believe someone actually sent you that...it just makes me wonder if the world IS getting stupider. Anyway, still can't wait (probably like everyone who has ever listened to any of your songs and is not a complete moron) for any of your new stuff. Also, why G-minor? She seems to be more of a major idiot than a minor one ;)

Haha! Wow. What a dunce. Love ya, Dan!

Some people just have twisted minds :)

Btw, her text (especially the first paragraph) makes no sense at all. If she tries to sound intimdating, she just failed. :)
If I get this correctly: Eddie (who?) is not her boyfriend and never will be, but he has the lyrics (what lyrics?), but they were actually written by her boyfriend?
Not to mention he's keeping his lyrics in his pencil.. :)

P.S. I don't believe she'll show up with flowers :D

P.P.S. Perhaps she will after you've written that new song :)

Idiots make our days as always. I don't even think you should waste your time on her anymore, Dan =P.
Also, I noticed something strange. Your audio scores dropped from like 4.1 - 4.2 to 3.9 - 3.8...
Weird o.o
I think you might have a hater somewhere...

yah, one or two people have been zeroing my work everyday for months now. I must say, if nothing else, they are consistent. All part of the wonderful world of Newgrounds... and why no one sticks around for long.

bumpkin baby: fuck you
mmd: XD yes she is one hell of a gullible idiot, any retard can hear its still you in every song, all the way through (exept yesterday but that was a duet so -shrugs-)
im really going to be looking out for when the lyrics come out for "love is a lie"
btw...any hints as to when thats coming out? (insert me attempting to txt face puppy dog eyes and then screaming at my computer when i cant XD)

Haha, it's hilarious the kinda things people say when they're safe and sound behind their PCs, especially when stupidity plays a part. It could also be that jealousy sparked off her little outburst. Nice comeback though, dude ;) It'd be interesting to see how she replies to that.

Ahh well. On a side note though, pretty impressed with your work there :)

pwnage ^^
she SHOULD take you to court- maybe you'd get on tv and we could see you XD and you could drag in a piano :D
just to prove to the judge, of course :P

You're a guillible idiot in g minor, eh?
hah, if you wrote that song, I'D give you flowers :P
what's your favorite Dan? :)

MMD... I've been a fan of your work for a while now, and I just have to say... 'You're a Gullible Idiot' in G-minor (or major) would be amazing. Just throw it together in a day. I don't care how long it is or anything. I would definately vote 5 if it had any lyrics and any instruments. I would also have to fav it. Watch out though, she may think you stole those lyrics from her "boyfriend (?)" again. Lol.
P.S. Looking forward to that new content.

This is too funny! Bless ya! I love your attitude and how you handle things. Power to you.

I've never understood what does g minor mean lol xD I dont think that Eddie person even exist, maybe it's just some really bored person that sends you messages lol that people who loves to discuss on internet where you can't find them out lol and it would be great if you make a song of it =D a lot of creativity is required for that lol at least that's what I think o.0

Good luck keep composing ^___^

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