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You definitely have the skills to make material good enough for someone to animate, man. It's bound to happen sooner or later. I hope you don't have to wait too long to see it come true.

Me toos :(

Long Live Milk.

Heh, your songs are inspiring me to get back into writing. =P
Sounds corny, yeah.

I second Psycotic's comment.

Also, long live milk 8D

I actually have a story board for a flash music video to one of your pieces.

I just lack the skill at the moment (and the time) to complete it.

I'll be sure to let you know if and when I get a chance to start it : )

I Hope your dream comes true.

If one day, u stop making good musics, i will kill you!
Ok, ok, im kidding but, please, dont stop! ^^

Dreams don't come true by themselves. You gotta get around and find an animator you like. Then annoy them till they decide to help!

Anyways, yay for more music!

undoubtly I will come to you when I need to do some serious pieces =) which is surely going to happen as for next year I will have to animate a series of 12 episodes for the public television and I have already picked my age category.

On the other hand I'm sure you are gonna look what kind of animations I have on here, and I have to disappoint you that I have none but one...which was done in spare time quickly.

But I hope we can work together on some things in the future once my timetable and school will finally allow it =] And I hope you are interested in to that.

Your's Sincerely,

hey do u mind if i use your music for a flash animation?
sorry to get your hopes up but to put it bluntly... i suck at flash animations.
but your music really inspires me so if i get your permission i will try anyway ^.^

Haha thats what it's here for.

There is absolutely no way that one of the MOST well-known and talented flash animator will animate one of your lyrics! Your songs are BY FAR the best, and I just love to listen to them while playing games in the Flash Portal! There is no reason that you will not get most (if not all) of your lyrical songs animated!

i'll do it(50-50 depending on the amount of time i have), and i'll send u the video. however it wont be a flash. and it'll take me another week or so. depending on my schedule. it'll be a mix between 2dAnimation and 3dAnimation. i suppose someone could help you turn the video into a flash movie. i'll do my best, hope you'll like it.

p.s. it shall be on your song Azarthian Girl. Kudos on your work. Great songs.

I look forward to it.

So someone else shares my idea, though I am certainly not expecting anybody to animate one of my pieces of crap xD.

What if I 3D animate it? :D

I wouldn't Complain. :)

Wow. I'm sort of glad you said that. It was wierd, because a week or so ago, I was listening to Azarthian Girl, and I was coming up with a music video to go with it, and it looked amazing in my head, and I wondering if someone like SamBakZa (There She Is!) would do it. But that song also inspired me to write a short story, pretty much the song in great more detail, but still...

I have a friend who makes excellent drawed animations, perhaps she can make an animation of your best song, which I believe is "Sand Castles"

High end flash animators arent easy to find, and as for me... well... uhh... I AM NOT ONE OF THEM :(

I can't help you with the animation-I know nothing about it. But I sure as heck can tell you I love your music, and I'm glad there is going to be more. Your sad, emotional songs really hit the spot. Please, never stop!

Man, i would love to animate one of your pieces, but i don't feel i'm worthy.
maybe later man.

Hang in there...I'm still practicing.

Actually... judging by your previous works... you have a butt load of talent already... so how bout it... wanna make a lonely artist happy and animate one of his songs...

*whimper*... pwease.

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