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The touch of my fingers to the ivory. Now that's worth fighting for.

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Ahh, I had just added Milkman-Dan as an artist, didn't know you were there under a real name too...

Anywho, you sure are quite a master of many things...you must be a little like me in that you want to help alot of people doing alot of things, but can't focus on one at once =P. Perhaps you shall stay a paramedic for a while? You would make a good one...I could just tell, not only on a professional level, but on a personal one too.

Goodluck Dan!
(Ode to Angels is STILL #1 played on my iTunes Library).

Glad to see a new post and good to see you spending your time on such an admirable thing. Being a paramedic is such an unbelievable job, responding to emergencies, saving lives, possibly losing others... It's an extreme job but I've got a gut feeling you'll pull through just fine. And with such an experience under your belt you will have even more personal feelings to put into your music, evolving it, and yourself, into something entirely new.

I wanted to thank you and those who have posted on your songs for helping me make a rather tough decision: My future career.

I had been set for the longest time on becoming a video game designer, since gaming is one of my biggest hobbies. But I had also been told by several people I know that as intelligent and sensitive to the feelings of others that I am, that I should do some kind of humanity work.

Well I did some serious thinking and soul-searching, and finally decided on becoming a psychologist. You know, something in the area of a counselor, or therapist. Someone who can help someone else analyze the troubles they are having, and help suggest ways they can solve their problems and better themselves.

A decent-sized part of this decision came from you and the community that surrounds you on this site.

Reading and re-reading the comments on songs like "In One Last Glance" made me realize just how much suffering people go under, and not just the ones that are in disasters (katrina for example) but that everyone has problems that they can't deal with. Several of the comments on your songs were from people who had bottled up their problems and hid from them, unable to face them. But when they listened to your music, and read the comments before them, they broke down, finally grieving for their losses, and trying to accept them and move on.

I know I can't do something like that with music, but maybe I can with words. One of my greatest personal strengths is being able to analyze myself. To find out what exactly I am feeling, why I am feeling that, and what I can do about it. If I could apply this to the problems and feelings that others are experiencing, then maybe I can bring people the kind of joy you can.

It's become my new fixation, and I just wanted to give credit where credit is due. Thank you Dan for all that you've inspired not only in my life, but in others as well.

Take care,

I don't think being a Paramedic is wierd. It's a good thing. You wanna help people. That's a good thing my friend. We all here at paranation wish you lots of luck and were here for you for support if ya need it ^_^ Take care and stay safe my friend.

Daniel R.

I don't know what a paramedic is lol
I listen to your music,there all good.Didn't know you were away this whole time.Ive been listening to the old stuff,it's sill decent enough to feel fresh to me.


Congratulations on your decision to go back to school to be a paramedic. I myself have been lifeguarding for three years and would have gone to EMT training had college not been so difficult for me.

Goodluck, you will do well
(i left you a message with a more personal note)

- toucanman -

Hi Daniel,

It doesn't seem weird to me at all that you study for a paramedic..
If I recall correctly, you always wanted to do something in the army?
After this, you finally can, and saving lives at the same time :)
As you advised me, sign up for as much activities as you can. what you told me is true..

I wish you the best of luck in your studies, love, life and not to forget.. in music :)


Hope you do well in the medical field man.
Just a new listener here, thought I'd let ya know that instead of
adding all of your music to my favorites, I'm just going to visit
your Audio page here, cause I'd have to add ALL of your songs.

Hey, been listening to you stuff for about a year now--and i'm completely blown away by it, especially how soothing it is in my twisted life right now. But its cool that you go and help out with things like that. Hope to hear some new stuff from you whenever you get around to it.

Totally wicked and keep up the good work :)

If your as good a paramedic as you are a musicial then people will be lucky to have you saving their lives :)


Cool, good luck with that EMT job, and just to let you know when you are not getting people to the hospital it gets boring as HELL! all you do is sit around in the ambulance with one or two other people doing nothing, so bring a book...
yours truly, Blacksheep2095

I hope that one day in my life, I can venture up to the mystical land of Canada and jam with you good sir. You are a great musician.